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Update 01/Mar/2018:
Due to problems accessing LJ at present, I have taken the decision not to update this community in future. Please check the Dreamwidth mirror for updates.

So what is Aude Sapere?
“Aude Sapere” is the title I’ve given to my writing, most of which is set in my little fictional "Sapere" universe, and includes the Dauntless series. Although I’m not aspiring for anything loftier than self-publishing, a little consistency is nice, don’t you think?
(NB: Sapere does not include any fanfiction I might write; only my own creations. See below.)

What does it mean?
Although there are some variations on the precise translation, “Aude Sapere” (or “sapere aude”, as it may also be written) essentially means “dare to know” or “dare to be wise” in Latin.

Originally, I used it as a tagline for “Thunder Daughter”, a story in which the stranded heroine has to take control of her own destiny and finally learn to think for herself. It also had some relevance to “Good as Gold”, the story that followed, and after that it just… stuck!

What is this community for?
As I don’t imagine there’ll be an awful lot of foot traffic, this will be the “official” community for works set in my little fictional universe, without so much of the rubbish that ends up on my day-to-day journal.

I will therefore be posting about the slightly more “major” milestones here – for instance, “the first draft of Memento Mori is finally finished!” or “I’ve finished editing Thunder Daughter”. (I am debating also posting about when I have new chapters. Watch this space!)

Plus, of course, I’ll be posting when things are published! Different POD companies also have the occasional sales, so I may post to let people know if Blurb or Lulu or whoever are having a “25% off” sale, or something.

Please don’t think these are the only things allowed, though! If you have a question to ask, or comment to make, feel free to do so.

Where can I find details on these stories without having to trawl through your writing journals?
Thunder Daughter | on Dreamwidth | on Livejournal
Good as Gold | on Dreamwidth | on Livejournal
Adverse Camber | on Dreamwidth | on Livejournal
Toccata and Fugue | on Dreamwidth | on Livejournal
Memento Mori | on Dreamwidth | on Livejournal
Memento Vivere | on Dreamwidth | on Livejournal

You said “major milestones”, so where can I find updates on what else is going on?
These will (probably) continue to be posted on my “primary” journal/s - “Dreamwidth” or “LiveJournal”.

For smaller updates on the Dauntless series, please click here (DW) or here (LJ).
For smaller updates on Thunder Daughter, please click here or here (LJ).
For smaller updates on Good as Gold, please click here or here (LJ).
For smaller updates on Memento Mori, please click here or here (LJ).
For smaller updates on Memento Vivere, please click here or here (LJ).

Why didn't you include Adverse Camber and Tocatta and Fugue in that list?
At the moment, they need quite a bit of work doing on the plot before I can finish them (and the plot will change a lot when I edit them, as well), so I'm calling them "on-hold", for now.

What about your other stories, like the “Blue AU”? Why don’t you mention them here?
There’s more details about other projects on The Writing Index on my main journal/s. Since they’re not strictly Sapere works, I wasn’t planning on putting any details here, but if there’s enough call for them I may change my mind!

This community is mirrored on Dreamwidth, for those who prefer that platform.